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Give your brain a money make over

“” is a comprehensive 4-week course that is specifically designed to help individuals rewire their minds for more wealth and abundance. This transformative course is geared towards people who wish to create a more prosperous and successful life for themselves.

The client’s request was for a design that embodied a sense of luxury and sophistication, while still conveying a bold and modern aesthetic. They specifically requested that gold be incorporated into the design, but without it appearing too old-fashioned or dated.

The desired result was a design that was both sleek and striking, yet exuded a high-end, premium feel.

To achieve a contemporary and sophisticated aesthetic, I combined high-quality images with the sleek and modern Barlow Semi Condensed font.

This merger of visual and typographic elements was carefully chosen to create a premium look that exuded confidence and boldness.

Packaging, Front-End Design and Code
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