What my clients say…

I love working with Nomi – he’s a brilliant designer and just seems find solutions. I’ve worked with him on numerous projects and as always we manage to work through what needs to be done with great results and simply nail my design needs each and every time. Highly recommended.

Irma Zimmerman

Nomi is one of the top graphic designers I’ve had the good fortune to work with. He has an intelligent and intuitive understanding of the relationship between brand and design. But more than that, he is able to execute images quickly, in budget, and completely on target. Over the years I’ve worked with him, he is a friend and valued associate. I would strongly urge anyone looking for graphics to take advantage of his expertise… as long as you leave him some time for my projects when I need him. He is the “go to” guy and has never disappointed. BTW: He would have gotten a check mark in all seven categories, but they only allow three. So you can add: Expert, Good Value, On Time and High Integrity to the list of attributes. He’s simply great.

Marc Saxe

Worked with Nomi and found him to be extremely flexible in working with us professionally. Utilizes a very professional approach while conducting his assignments. Would definitely consider him again for future assignments

Yasser Zafar Ali

I have found Nomi a Sharp mind and talented person. He has good team lead qualities. Wish him a prosperous future.

Imtiaz Ahmad