Identity & Branding

Genie is an online store based in Dubai that provides a one-stop solution for all your mobile phone accessory needs. They also offer a comprehensive range of services including purchasing, leasing, and repairing.

Whether you’re in need of a new phone case, screen protector, or charging cable, Genie has got you covered.

The company was searching for a brand personality that would exude friendliness and create a welcoming atmosphere for their customers. They wanted to cultivate a brand image that would make their customers feel at home.

I proposed the name along with a visually appealing “g” icon that could be associated with friendliness and easily recognisable and memorable. This icon could serve as a shorthand for the brand, helping to establish its visual identity and making it more recognisable to customers.

The logotype features a friendly rounded font, Eurosoft, with Neosans used for branding purposes.


anything you wish for

Identity Design, Branding
Designed in:
  • Illustrator Icon